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ThaiSpy Features
Take a quick tour of some of ThaiSpy’s ground breaking features
The Basics
Basics ThaiSpy captures all forms of mobile communication, including the following:
basic features
Live Listen
Live Listen Live listen contains two jaw dropping features,
Call Interception and Spy Calls.

Call Interception - a feature unique to ThaiSpy - notifies you
when a call is in progress and lets you ‘drop in’ and listen to the

Spy Call lets you open the microphone and listen to the surroundings.
Now you can hear what is saying, either on a call, or around her phone

Live Listen
Complete IM Capture
Complete IM Capture

Does anyone use SMS anymore? Seems like everyone has switched to Instant Messaging such as LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage or Skype.
But IM are rich messages that can contain stickers, pictures, profiles and status messages and unless you have every part, you can't understand everything.

ThaiSpy captures every part of the message so you get the complete picture

Feature icons
IM Capture
Remote Control of Camera
Use RemCam to silently activate the phone's camera and send pictures to your web account.
Remote Control of Camera Photo
Remote Control of Camera
Audio Recordings
Audio Recordings
ThaiSpy can record two type of sounds. A live phone call, or the devices surroundings. A typical way you may use this is to start with a Live Listen to see if there is anything interesting happening. If so, start recording and the audio will be sent to your secure portal
Audio Recordings
“ I’ll see you later tonight. Can’t wait to be with you. ”
Spoofing Tools
Spoofing Tools

Spoof Tools let you make the target device send SMS without the user knowing.

Use spoof tools to create situations where you can expose the truth. Engineer a rendezvous, elicit a reply, or end an unsuitable relationship by pretending to be the device user.

Spoofing Tools
Nuisance SMS
Nuisance SMS ThaiSpy can instantly delete any messages you feel you don't want the user to see. These could include activity or data usage reports from the network operator. This is especially useful when the device has a pre paid plan.
Nuisance SMS
Human Translations
Human Translations
Human Translations
ThaiSpy comes with a built in human translation service carried out by a team of native Thai, Tagalog and English speakers. No matter if she is using the latest slang, a northern dialect or an obscure text abbreviation - we can tell you what she really means.
Dashboard Alerts
Dashboard Alerts
Dashboard Alerts
Discover When

Your name is mentioned in an IM or email conversation. There are calls from suspicious or witheld numbers. Your spouse visiting one of their favorite point of interests.

Other cool features

Flag information for convenient data analysis. Create downloadable reports. Have alerts and daily updates delived by email.

Gift Service
Gift Service The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Gift Service
Our gift service removes the two biggest problems with spy software - getting access to her phone and technical installation. Select a brand new phone with ThaiSpy pre-installed and we will deliver it straight to your Thailand address.
Live Help
Live Help
Live Help
Not sure how something works or simply too busy to read our easy to follow manuals?
No problem. Access our Live Help from inside your portal and you will be connected directly to one of our technical support staff members to answer or explain any questions you may have.
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Instant Translations

Now get Instant Translations!

Accessing the data on her phone is great! However if you don't speak Thai you're going to be left with a lot of questions.

Using Google Translate doesn't work as the girls often use slang, incorrect spelling and abbreviations.

Simply flag the conversations you want to read and it goes straight to our native Thai translator.

  • Thai to English
  • Tagalog to English

See the difference ThaiSpy makes

Instant Translation

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There are two ways to get ThaiSpy

Software Only

Download ThaiSpy directly onto your own supported device.*

  • Facebook, LINE, Viber, Skype, iMessage, SMS
  • Call Logs, Address Book, Notes, Calendar
  • Photos, Video, Music, Wallpapers
  • Applications, Bookmarks, Web History, Locations
  • Listen and Record Phone Calls**
  • Control Microphone and Camera
  • Spoofing Tools

$29.99 for one month

Complete Package

Purchase a phone with ThaiSpy installed and have it delivered to your Thailand Address

  • Choose from a range of great phones
  • Delivered by EMS insured post
  • Delivered to your address in Thailand
  • Gift Wrapped